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Here is some research on Trends for Google keywords. How popular is the keyword "trucking jobs" over the last 8 years? Are there keywords in the trucking industry that are getting more popular? Or are there searched words that are declining? These graphs shed some light on what drivers could be searching for NOW compared to the past:

***Here are the three popular keywords compared to eachother:

The reason why "CDL Jobs" may not be as popular is because it starts to narrow down to experienced drivers and people that know the term "CDL". But what is interesting is that "CDL jobs" is catching up to be as popular as any other keywords. It's the one searched work that continues to grow over time
Which brings me to my next graph. The basic term "CDL" is growing and very popular.

The term "CDL" is very general. And it could include searches that don't deal with jobs. But it is good to look at to get the feel of the general CDL population.

**Now it only makes sense to compare to trucking terms that are general in the trucking/transportation industry. "Trucking" and "CDL" The same thing can be applied to trucking schools that offer cdl training or programs to get your CDL.

***All four school/training together:

With cdl training schools you see that trucking schools has always been popular. But now "GET CDL" and "CDL Training" are growing in popularity as well.

For fun, let's compare some trucking companies: