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Optimizing PPC in Trucking Industry

Optimize Your PPC ads - Recruiting Truck Drivers

Simple Changes that will increase the number of CLICKS and APPLICATIONS

There are so many trucking companies competing for truck drivers. Some companies are willing to spend $4 a click to get truckers to their website and apply for a job. The best place to find drivers is online, so it makes sense to pay for ads everywhere like Google, Bing, and Job Boards. Becuase of the high competition, cost has gone up and is getting pricey to get your ad noticed.

I am a proffessional ad/content/website optimizer. I love internet marketing and have done a lot of work that has proven what works and what doesn't work. Since working in the trucking industry, I have noticed a big lack of knowledge of internet technology. I what to educate and train anyone willing to listen to improve their company's ads and performance on their trucking website.

Today we will be optimizing PPC or Paid Advertising Ad Headlines

A typlical ppc ad on Google looks like this:

There are 4 lines of content on each ad, and it is important to get the right words in the small area. And since it is expensive to get an ad on Google we must know what we are doing, so we don't waste money.

The first line and MOST important is the headline. I did a test to find out which headlines will get the most number of clicks. Below are the headlines I tested. Try to guess which headline did the BEST:

  • Jobs in Truck Driving
  • Local Truck Driving jobs
  • Drivers Hired Everyday
  • Local CDL Jobs
  • High Paying Truck Jobs
  • Best CDL Employment Jobs
  • Best Trucker Employment
  • Top Local Trucking Jobs
  • Trucking Companies Hiring

Every company/business is different and will be targeting different keywords. But with finding drivers I am using some of the most popular keywords like "trucking jobs" and "truck driving jobs" etc. Also I need you to know that if you apply these headlines you might not get the exact results as I did. But feel free to test them out yourself.

Here were the TOP THREE"Local Truck Driving jobs" Click Rate = 6.67%

"Top Local Trucking Jobs" Click Rate = 6.02%

"Best CDL Employment Jobs" Click Rate = 3.73%

These results were huge and surprising!

Before I was using a lot of ads the were about high paying trucking jobs or highes paying or areas like that. I assumed that truckers are always looking for jobs that pay the most. But from these results it proved me wrong.

1. The First thing I learned was that there is a huge market or opportunity of drivers looking for Local Trucking jobs. More than double of the drivers click on the ads that had "local" in it. So if you offer local jobs, you are in luck.

2. The Second thing I learned was that from the "Best CDL Emploment Jobs" and other ads I ran, that drivers looking for jobs associate "CDL" a lot faster than other terms. The drivers must connect these jobs a lot faster than a typical driving jobs.

When we test and optimize ads on Google or on other sites we must find THOUGHT PROCESSES that work. It makes sense that drivers are looking for local jobs and connect CDL as the most specific and what they are looking for. We must learn what drivers are thinking, not what we ASSUME.

3. The last thing is motivation. In any headline we must capture immediate attention and motivation to get clicked on. That is the goal. Nothing more and nothing less. I used words like "Top" and "Best" and "Hot" and "New" to capture the interest and motivation. Most of the motivation will be captured in the body content of the ad. "Higher levels of motivation... will lead to an action."

Thanks for reading, and let me know if you have any questions, comments, or areas you want me to write about.