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Do you feel like you are stuck in your trucking job and in need of something new and exciting? We have the best interest at heart for truck drivers. We will find you a CDL Driver job that best fits your location, experience, and situation. When you first start out in the trucking industry it is almost always required that you driver Over the Road (OTR). Some drivers can be an OTR driver for the rest of their lives; they love the open road, and don’t mind being away from home for longer amounts of times. For the rest of us, OTR gets a little boring. You feel like you have seen the same scenery over and over, you miss your family, and sometimes you just want to be out of the truck.


After you have paid your dues, and done your time driving OTR, many drivers are looking for something that is closer to home, something that lets them spend more time with their family. With as little as 6 months OTR driving experience, a driver can get onto a dedicated or regional lane with one of the companies that we, at National Truck Driving Jobs, work Regional and/or dedicated routes offer a drive the ability to stay in the same area for all of their runs, which allows them to be home more often, and regional or dedicated runs often pay more than an OTR position.

Once you have hit 1 year worth of OTR driving experience, you have many more options as a truck driver. We work with many companies who offer local positions. A local position is the cream of the crop for truck drivers. Local positions offer the best pay of the industry, whether it is pay by load, by the hour, or by the mile. They also offer the best home time. With some of the local positions offered through National Truck Driving Jobs, a driver can be home nightly, while still providing for their family. Some positions may not get you home nightly, but you will definitely be home a couple of days a week.

Different truck drivers have different dreams. Some drivers’ dream may be driving across the country, whether it be alone or with a companion, and they could drive all day for the rest of their lives. Other drivers’ dream consists of driving a truck, but still being able to be with their families every day. Whatever your dream may be, at National Truck Driving Jobs, we can help you achieve it.