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19 Items All Trucker Drivers Must Have for 2019 has compiled a list of the 19 must have items for truck drivers in 2019. 

1. Audible Audiobook Subscription - For your entertainment while on the road, subscribe to Amazon's audiobook service.  Listen to thousands of audiobooks while on the road! Sign up for a free trial and get your first two books free!


2. Rechargeable Flashlight - This rechargeable flashlight will help you find those misplaced items at night or see around your truck.  You will love the conveniece of the rechargable flashlight.


3. Road Flares - These road flares and emergency strobe light will keep you safe if you must stop on the side of the road.


4. Cell phone mount - This cellphone mount conveniently mounts to your dash or windshield to allow handsfree communication.


5. First Aid Kit - This first aid kit is essential for any driver while on the road.  With over 200 items, it has everything you need.


6. Wet Wipes - This wet wipes are great for cleaning dirty hands, spills or any other messing situation while on the road.  Having some in your rig is a must for those inconvenient messes.


7. Trash Container - This trash container will keep your truck neat while on the road.  


8.Emergency Mylar Blanket - This emergency blanket will keep you warm in an emergency situation if stranded.  Keep one in a convenient location in your cab to keep you safe in an emergency.


9. Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headset - This noise cancelling bluetooth handset allows you to comminicate safely while on the road.  Keep your hands on the wheel as you keep connected to family and friends.  The noise cancelling feature allows for clear communication on the noisy highway.


10. Work gloves - These leather work gloves are perfect for work around your truck.


11. Safety Vest - This brightly colored, reflective vest keeps you visible in the event of an emergency on this side of the road. Stay safe with this vest!


12. Folding Pocket Utility Knife - The folding pocket utility knife is a convenient tool to have with you at all times on the road!


13. 13-in-1 Multi-Tool - The 13-in-1 multitool has everything you need for the inconvenient situations on the road.  Keep on in your cab,


14. Truck Console Organizer - The truck console organizer will keep your cab organized and clean.  This organizer's dividers are movable to allow for the best configuration for you.


15. Electric Cooler and Warmer - The electric cooler and warmer is perfect for whatever food you are carrying.


16. Heavy Duty Tire pressure gauge - This heavy duty tire gauge is there to help in flat situations.  Keep one to stay on top of your tires!


17. Lumbar support pillow - The lumbar support pillow keeps you comfortable in uncomfortable seats.  Protect your back while on the road!


18. Massaging Car Seat Cushion - The massaging seat cushion will provide a smooth ride for you.  With a massaging and heat feature, you will be comfortable during the most tense times on the road!


19. Cabin Air Purifier - The cabin air purifier will remove dust, pollen, smoke and bad order in your cab.  Keep the air your breath clean while in your truck!